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Celebrate National Men's Health Week

The week leading up to Father's Day is recognized as National Men's Health Week, [#MHW]. It is an opportunity to encourage the early detection and treatment of disease, and to heighten awareness about preventable health problems among men and boys.

According to the Men's Health Network, the best way avoid the health problems which afflict men are prevention, self-examination and regular physician visits.

Many health problems can be caught at an early stage, when treatment is likely to be more successful.

Take this week to discuss common Men's Heath Concerns (see below) with the men in your life to spread awareness and foster prevention. The conversation may save the life of your son, nephew, grandson, brother, significant other or friend.

12 Important Men's Health Concerns:

  1. Prostate Cancer-- your healthcare provider will screen with a Prostate Specific Antigen [PSA] blood test and quick physical exam.

  2. Prostate Health-- Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia [BPH] and prostatitis are common among aging men. In fact 90% of men 80 and above develop BPH, and about half of adult men will be treated for prostatitis in their lifetimes.

  3. Erectile Dysfunction-- failure to achieve/maintain an erection can be symptoms of heart disease, diabetes, certain medications and other problems.

  4. Cardiovascular Disease-- heart disease and stroke are commonly associated with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Control both with diet and exercise, sometimes combined with medication.

  5. Testicular Cancer-- the most common form of cancer in men 20-35.

  6. Diabetes-- Men with diabetes are more likely to suffer heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and vision problems.

  7. Skin Cancer-- anyone who has spent time in the sun is at-risk.

  8. Low Testosterone-- testosterone decreases as men age, and may lead to fragile bones, depression, fatigue and erectile dysfunction.

  9. Colorectal Cancer-- caught early cancers of the rectum and colon can usually be successfully treated. Diets high in fat and low in fiber are often triggers.

  10. Depression-- men are less likely to seek health for depression and more likely to commit suicide. Seek help-- relief may be found in medication, counseling or a combination of both.

  11. Lung Cancer-- the #1 killer of men, but almost totally preventable through life-style changes and certain precautions.

  12. Osteoporosis-- loss of bone density, when left untreated, may lead to broken bones, permanent disability and death.

#MHW ends this week with Father's Day, but don't forget to participate in #WearBLUEDay this Friday, June 17th. Wear Blue Day is the perfect time to sport some blue clothing and spark conversations around Men's Health.


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