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Celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day!

National Senior Health and Fitness Day celebrates its 29th year, today, May 25, 2022.

Here are some ways to get involved:

  1. Go to the park with friends and family!

  2. Attend a fitness class- and take advantage of the instructor's tips to ensure your workout is safe and beneficial.

  3. Hit the trails! Set your own pace-- whether you enjoy a challenge or an introspective stroll, getting outdoors in beautiful Colorado is always a treat. Extra credit: give a push or assist to a companion.

  4. Visit the garden and absorb the early signs of the warming weather as you amble along. Smell the roses. Listen to the grass whisper. Say hi to the bees!

  5. Dance. Groove to your own beat with some headphones (or an air guitar); gather some friends to move and sing along to some nostalgic favorites.

  6. Schedule that wellness visit with your doctor (especially if you have been putting it off!).

  7. Volunteer: use the opportunity to get extra steps/physical movement in and spread a little joy while you help others.

Join in the fun and get active!

For more advice, visit today's Facebook and Instagram posts-- they feature some wonderful advice from the Vi Highlands Ranch "Easy Riders".

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