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Celebrating our F&B Team Members

We've started a little photo gallery to celebrate our F&B Team members.

Find the unretouched photos available for download by clicking here.

Adriana Yuli Josh

We'll keep adding on to these, but, in the meantime, we hope you'll enjoy these smiling faces here on the Blog, and when we feature them on social media, like our official ViHiveHighlandsRanch Instagram page.

If you haven't joined our Instagram page, please do! It is the best place to quickly find reminders about events and celebrations, as well as see our most recent photos.

Best of all, friends and family can follow too, simply share our "ViHiveHighlandsRanch" handle with them, and they can check it out for themselves.

Simply click on the QR code below to get started, then, create an account by following the prompts and follow #vihivehighlandsranch!

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1 Comment

Jun 01, 2023

GREAT IDEA! I have submitted the idea and offered to have a display made to hold pictures placed in the coat room that would be easy to update for 12 years. So many times I have started to write a comment about a new server but couldn't remember his or her name. If y ou want any volunteer help with this, please give me a call. Mary Lou Laubach


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