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Covid-19 update, October 10, 2023

Good morning. So the number of Covid-19 cases continues to rise for both residents and staff. Today we made the decision to cancel food related events for the week. The Oktoberfest event that was scheduled today at 2, the Social on Thursday, and any other events that bring people together without masks or distancing will not be happening this week. I understand the disappointment and frustration that this may cause, and we share those feelings as we have worked hard to make this event special for you all. Cancelling it is the last thing we want to do, but the health and happiness of our residents is after all what is most important. We will assess our situation daily, and I will keep you informed about any changes to next week.

As of right now the dining room will remain open, but with social distancing in place. The takeout menus are being streamlined for the remainder of the week. The increased number of orders simply makes it too difficult to produce accurately and quickly. The Hive Market remains open, with an additional five entrees and various sides and desserts. We simply ask that you wear a mask and practice social distancing if you visit.

At 2 pm today, on the pool patio, we will have bags available with some of the Octoberfest foods to take home and enjoy, as well as our house brewed Beer and Cider for those who enjoy it. Please pour a beer for me, I will be with you in spirit.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience, Please stay safe.

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