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Culinary Corner, week of April 24-29

Mesquite grilling at the Culinary Institute of America in San Antonio

Hello! I'm back from San Antonio. A great time cooking, learning, and most importantly, sharing ideas and solutions with our other chefs. Much Thanks to David Meraz for managing the kitchen, and keeping things together.

I hope to see you all at the Titanic Dinner this Friday. remember, this is a Prix Fixe menu taken from the final voyage of the ill fated vessel, which sank in April of 1912. There will be two seating's, one at 4:30 and one at 6:30. a Five course meal with wine is provided and we will be keepings close watch for icebergs....

Join us as well for the Sip and Savor on Tuesday, we will be exploring some south American wines.

Thursday is the Social, we will be having crispy chicken wings, with house made sauces.Remember to ask for the House made Beer, I think we still have the Chinook Amber, and the next one is a Saison.

The Appetizer of the week is A Seared Scallop with orange and saffron cream, drizzled with chive oil. Now we use sea scallops for this, these are the larger meatier scallops found in relatively deep coastal waters. Bay scallops are the smaller ones, often known as popcorn scallops and are found in shallow bays and estuaries along coastlines. Bay scallops are considered sweeter, but I really haven't had much luck finding them fresh here in Colroado, so we tend to go with the larger variety.

We have Grilled Mahi Mahi this week, topped with a kiwi and lime salsa, French Green beans, and mashed sweet potatoes. Mahi Mahi is found in warm seas across the globe and is highly sought after as a sport fish. Mahi is the Hawaiian name for the fish, but in Spanish it is known as Dorado (golden), and here in America it was in years past known as a dolphinfish even though it has no relation whatsoever to the sea mammal known as a dolphin. The flesh is firm and mild, easily grilled or broiled, but it's very lean and can be overcooked easily. Try it with Chardonnay or Veltliner.

We have a Beef Short rib braised in Red wine and served with Sherry onion gravy, baby carrots and mascarpone mashed potatoes. This cut of meat is high in flavor, marbled with fat, and fork tender. The Red wine adds a tanginess, and we use the cooking liquid to reduce and make a sauce. Try it with Zinfandel.

We have Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin, with Apple Cider Gravy, roasted cabbage and buttered spätzle. Spätzle is like a handmade dumpling or noodle, and t's great tossed with butter and parsley. This would be great with an Amber ale, or even a rose.

Crispy Tofu is tossed with edamame and served over brown Rice as a vegetarian option this week. We make a Ginger and tamari broth to serve over it, seasoned with Miso paste. Try it with Riesling.

Finally at Dinner we have Cheese Tortellini tossed in pesto and topped with roasted Tomatoes and parmesan cheese. This one really wants to be served with Chianti.

For nightly specials, look for Confit Chicken, Pork Shoulder, Tuna Steak, Rack of Pork, and veal Francaise

At Lunch look for Carved Lamb Chops, Calzones, Beef Bourgignion, and Salisbury steaks

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