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Culinary Corner week of August 28-Septmber 2

And just like that, August is over. This summer seemed to fly by us, and we are now looking fall squarely in the eyes. While it is still 90-plus degrees outside, the end of September will see much cooler weather and and it will be "Pumpkin Spice" everything.

So, a further note on special requests: we are open to hearing your requests and will oblige whenever possible. If it is something simple, like cutting a fish in half, using olive oil for vegetables, or omitting salt on a steak it is really no problem. If it involves a cook looking around for an ingredient, or creating a whole different dish than what is on the menu then we really can't slow down production for that. if you aren't sure then I encourage you to ask your server, attend the Culinary Corner on Mondays or e-mail me directly at

The Soup this week is Steak and Potato. In this case we are using beef tenderloin tips and tails, grilled for flavor, then diced and simmered in broth with potatoes and vegetables. Think of it as a stew but lighter in body and a more pronounced grill flavor.

Our appetizer this week is Baked Brie in pastry, with raspberry preserves and sliced French bread. This one is a favorite, served warm and rather gooey. I would pair this one with Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay.

image courtesy MouCo Cheese Company
MouCo ColoRouge

Don't miss this week's The Cheese: ColoRouge from MouCo Cheese Company here in Ft. Collins, Colorado. If you were at our Farmer's Market a couple of weeks ago you likely saw this. It's a washed rind type cheese-- similar to a Camembert. The natural culture that develops on the rind gives it a distinctive reddish orange color and the center can be firm and tart or soft and pungent depending on its age. We are serving this one with Rocky Ford Cantaloupe. I think Gewurztraminer is an absolute must here, but a Pinot Grigio will do as well.

At Dinner, please try the Coconut-Crusted Jumbo Shrimp, with a spicy, sweet orange glaze, sugar snap peas and white rice. The shrimps are U-12 size so they are pretty meaty, and this is just such a classic that we really don't go too crazy on exotic ingredients or spices. Please enjoy this one, Riesling is probably the best accompaniment.

We have Garlic and Rosemary-Grilled Lamb Loin Chops. Now these are the ones that are basically "T" bone chops, so it can be difficult at times to get a knife into all the nooks and crannies. At my house, I simply pick these up and eat them with my hands and I give you all full permission to do the same. It's ok. No one will judge you and if they do, they probably just wish that they had ordered the lamb too. We are serving this with mint aioli, roasted asparagus and redskin potatoes. If there were ever a time for a good Zinfandel, this is it.

Ok, get ready for this one.... Crispy Slow Roasted Pork Belly. Yes. Like the stuff that makes bacon. It is absolutely delicious. "But Chef Greg" you ask, "won't that cut of meat be a bit fatty?" Yes. Yes it will. It will also be so mouthwateringly tender and yet crispy on the outside that I may weep as I taste it several times during the week (it's my job). David Meraz is in charge of the slow cooking and he is aware of the enormous pressure on him. We are serving this with Fuji applesauce, sautéed watercress, and mashed cauliflower with Parmesan cheese. Definitely go for a full bodied red here, Cabernet is perfect.

As a vegetarian dish we are serving Lion's Mane Risotto with Garden Herbs and topped with shaved Asiago cheese. This is basically a risotto dish, there is definitely butter and cheese involved, and the mushrooms are firm yet porous to keep lots of moisture in. Lion's mane mushrooms are one of my favorites, and there is research as well as anecdotal data suggesting that some of the compounds in them help boost brain activity. I'm no doctor, just a chef so I can only attest that they are pretty delicious and sourced locally through Hazel Dell Mushrooms.

The pasta this week is Pappardelle Pasta tossed with Truffle Butter and topped with Bolognese Sauce and Burrata cheese. Lot's of flavor here, try it with Chianti.

For nightly specials, try the Broiled Halibut, the seared scallops, Grilled pork chops, and the yellowfin tuna.

At lunch try the Pot Roast, Salmon Kabobs, Roasted Turkey, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Carved New York Strip, and Seared Sea Bass.

Please Join us at the Sip & Savor on Wednesday this week, we will be featuring several Colorado wines and one Bourbon. We will finish up with Pork green Chili and house made tortillas and I am totally looking forward to this one.

As always, I look forward to seeing you at the Culinary Corner on Monday at 10 am at the Dad Clark Bar

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