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Culinary Corner, Week of August 7-12

Hello! So we are back to Brewing! Check out the new Wheat Beer called Tornado at the bar this week. This is a simple one, with a hint of coriander. Of course, the name needs no explanation and I thought it was fitting. We still have the hibiscus and cherry mead: Scarlet Begonias. It's really tasty chilled, and reminds me of a Sangria actually.

A reminder; The cut off for Takeout Dinner orders is 2:00 p.m. We need to have all the orders in so that they can be added to the computer system, sent to the kitchen, tallied, cooked, boxed, organized, checked, then bagged to be ready by 4:30 pm. We have been extending a grace period to help people adjust to the cutoff but the situation is still pretty difficult. What happens if you miss the cutoff? Well, it's no problem really. Beginning this week we still take the order, but it can't be ready until 7 p.m. when service slows down and servers are able to process orders again. If you are unsure whether your order was placed on time, please contact the Hostess' desk.

Another reminder to everyone that you should be signing for checks at the end of a meal, for drinks at the bar and for takeout pickups. Remind your server if they forget.

So Welcome to Colorado Proud Month! We are highlighting local ingredients as much as we can and enjoying the bounty of our great state. With the weather being a bit warm we have several chilled soups and appetizers.

The Appetizer of the week is Chilled Rocky Ford Cantaloupe with prosciutto and drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar. Now the melons were a bit delayed this year so I'm not sure if they are at peak ripeness yet. The Grocery Chains usually get them a week or two before our distributors do, but I just couldn't wait to offer them on the menu

The Soup of the week is Grilled Sausage, white bean and tomato, a broth based soup that is both hearty and yet light enough for August. As always, let your server know if you prefer it with more broth or less.

The Cheese this week is Fontina- A Danish cow's milk with mild falvor and soft texture. We are serving it with fresh strawberries-If youve never had this one with strawberries this is a great opprotunity. Riesling would be a grreat match here.

At Dinner, look for Masa crusted Striped Bass with Avocado and corn salad. Striped Bass is one of my favorites and these are farmed here in Colorado near Alamosa. this is served over a base of pureed black beans and topped with crispy Cotijas cheese. Definitely a Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio here. '

Try The Sakura Pork chops with a Mint and Lemon glaze. Now the Pork isn't local but the mint is from our own gardens. Served with Olathe Corn and Grilled Zucchini. Gewurtztraminer is your best friend here.

We have Chicken breasts glazed with Pineapple and Brown sugar, and served over a bed of Spam Fried rice and Sugar snap peas. Yes. Spam. don't judge until you've tasted please- this dish is sort of a Hawaiian theme and you'' find few things more Hawaiian than Spam. Definitely a beer or Mead situation.

As a Vegetarian option, try the Tofu, Rice and Barley medley, drizzled with a light Coconut Peanut Sauce.

We have Spinach Fettuccini this week-we gave David a break and used a local fresh pasta company called Pappardelle's. We are tossing it with wild mushrooms, pulled chicken, lots of garlic, Thyme from the garden and a light smoked tomato sauce.

For specials look for the seared Scallops, Basil Seared Chicken, Slow roasted Pork Shoulder, Bacon and Swiss Quiche, and don't miss the Fried Chicken

At lunch the Carved Pastrami with Mustard is a don't miss, the Beef short ribs, the Gruyere and onion grilled cheese, Dry aged beef tacos and a good Pot roast sandwich

I look forward to seeing you all at The Culinary Corner Monday at 10 am .

Have a great week!!

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