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Culinary Corner Week of December 26-31

Hello! Merry Christmas! I hope all of you are enjoying yourselves, reflecting on the importance of the day and seeing family or friends. If you are going to the Buffet in the Dining room today, enjoy yourself, take it easy, don't eat too much if you can help it.

As you read this, I am probably surrounded by shredded wrapping paper, noise, black coffee and probably a Brandy Alexander or two. Our house is full, kids are home, and all is well. I will not be in tomorrow for Culinary Corner, as I am working this Saturday for New Year's Eve but Jesus has agreed to do it so he can clarify any questions you have. My apologies, last Monday I told some of you that we are serving crab legs for Christmas-I was mistaken, we are serving them for New Year's day.

Be a Scrooge today!

If you haven't had it yet-or even if you have, please try our Scrooge's Ale while supplies last. This is what we call a Winter Warmer style as it is hearty, malty, and it is finished with spices and Fuggles hops. It's a bit heady, but has an underlying acidity that I am not unhappy with. Try it with the cheese, a burger, any beef or pork.

The Soup this week is Vegetable beef, very rich, tender beef and vegetables. This is Broth based and gluten Friendly.

The appetizer of the week is Baked Brie with French Bread. Topped with Raspberries and served warm, this is always a favorite. I recommend you try this with Pinot Noir.

The Cheese is Sweetwater Valley Farm's Smoked Cheddar with apple butter and crackers. Sweetwater is an old Dairy farm in Philadelphia TN, with some great new ideas and cool cheeses. Check them out on Facebook here

This would be really great with a our Scrooge's Holiday Ale by the way, try it while it's here because like Christmas it will soon be gone.

At Dinner we have Broiled Sole topped with a lemon garlic Buerre Blanc. Sole and Flounder are two different fish but for Culinary purposes are considered the same. All Sole and Flounder are flat fish living on the ocean floor, with very mild, very flaky flesh. Ours is served with Steamed Broccolini, and Gnocchi tossed with butter and cheese.

Barbecued Ribs

We have Hoisin Barbecued Pork Ribs this week. Hoisin is a thick sweet sauce made from soy, fennel, sugar and chili peppers. It is commonly found in Cantonese cooking, and the one we use is not spicy. We serve it with Sesame Bok Choy and Lo Mein noodles.

We have Pan-Seared Chicken Breast Topped with Bacon and Pepper Jack Cheese. This is served over sweet plantains and is topped with crispy zucchini. This combination of flavor, texture, sweetness and heat would be really good with a Riesling or Gewürztraminer. I'm not sure if we have that right now, (Lora is on to me), but I think we should and the more you request it the more likely we are to stock it.

For our vegetarian friends we have Artichoke and Spinach-Stuffed Crêpes topped with pesto cream sauce. Try a sparkling wine with this.

Finally for a pasta this week we will have Spaghetti and Meatballs served piping hot woith garlic bread. be sure to ask your server for grated Parmesan at the table, and I seriously recommend a glass of Chianti as well.

For New Year's Eve we will have a special menu featuring French Onion Soup, Surf and Turf, and rich Chocolate Mousse cake. There will be a vegetarian alternative, but this is the only menu served in the dining room that night. I'm sure everyone will wnat to finish quickly and move onto the New Year's Eve celebration that Angie and Hannah are putting together, with even more food, drink and fun.

New Year's day we will be serving Carved Beef Striploin, King Crab legs, Eggs Benedict and more. I'm sure Lora will be ready with the Bloody Marys and for extreme cases, I always serve the kitchen my famous Green Chili Menudo -a guaranteed cure for hangovers, fatigue, ennui, and low spirits. By request only.

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28 déc. 2022

"I am working this Saturday for New Year's Eve but Jesus has agreed to do it so he can clarify any questions you have. " Who knew that we have a direct connection to Jesus? I promise not to complain about anything!

Bruce and I want to thank you and Bob and both teams for the Delicious and Beautiful (special napkins and ice sculpture) presentation on Christmas Day. We were so proud to have our family enjoy the occasion.

The Laubachs

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