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Culinary Corner, week of February 19, 2024

Wine is bottled poetry

-Robert Louis Stevenson

Hello! Welcome to another week of great food. I want to thank you all for the compliments we received about the Mardi Gras Buffet last week. I also want to thank you all for the understanding and patience you have shown when we have had to do unplanned buffets because of staffing. The good news is that we are expecting a couple of new team members this week.

In the Hive Market this week, check out the Pot Roast made from Certified Angus Chuck, the Osso Bucco, or maybe the Chicken Cobb Salad. By request we have added more vegetables as sides, I am curious to see how popular they are. Don't forget we have fresh-squeezed orange juice in the Hive as well as our own honey and house made beer.

We have Chicken Liver Paté this week, made in-house and served with cornichons and toast points.

Don't miss the Colby Longhorn cheese this week served with fresh pears and rye toast. Colby Cheese is named after the town of Colby, Wisconsin where it was first made in the 1880's. Colby is similar to Cheddar but softer in texture and is one of the relatively few American cheeses. The name Longhorn does not refer to the flavor at all, but the half moon shape in which it was served reminded someone of the shape of the Longhorn Cattle that are also an American classic-- albeit much more Texas than Wisconsin. It would be great with Chardonnay.

At Dinner, check out the Broiled Cod with Pineapple Glaze, and Fava Bean Succotash. Now most of you know that we try not to serve succotash, not because it isn't great but because lima beans are just yucky and if I have anything to say about it we avoid them. David is obviously clever enough to substitute Fava beans and now the dish is wonderful and full of flavor. It's actually a classic American dish; the name comes from the native American word “sohquttahhash”, which roughly translates to "broken corn kernels." This dish was very popular in Colonial America, but it speaks volumes about me that whenever I hear the name the image of Sylvester the cat appears in my mind saying "Suffering Succotash! ". This was actually one of my earliest "curse" words and after Saturday morning cartoons I would walk around muttering the phrase under my breath. I'm sorry that you don't have a F&B Director with more culture than that...

It would be great with Pinot Grigio.

The Carved Flank Steak will be great this week. It's one of my favorite cuts, much more flavorful than tenderloin, but of course not nearly as tender. When kept fairly rare and sliced properly it is absolute heaven. We are serving it with Chimichurri, a paste of fresh herbs and garlic, as well as Fondant Potatoes and Roasted Broccoli. This would be great with Cabernet Sauvignon.

We have Chicken Cacciatorre which is chicken stewed with tomatoes, herbs and peppers served over Rice, and the Pasta of the Week is Shrimp Scampi, served with a garlic knot.

The Light Special is a bowl of quinoa topped with broccoli, red beans, Brussels sprouts, spinach, and topped with chicken and a champagne vinaigrette. That sounds so healthy, maybe it will cancel out the Lemon Meringue Pie that Anna is making and I will be sampling.

For nightly specials, I recommend the Surf and Turf, the Wild Mushroom Ravioli, the Bison Prime Rib, or the Jumbo Shrimp Skewers. It's definitely going to be a good week.

At lunch, try the Leg of Lamb, Salmon Kabobs, Lobster Ravioli, or Baked Barramundi.

Our week is pretty quiet in terms of big events, so we will really be focusing on our recruiting and training.

I look forward to seeing you all at Culinary Corner on Monday!

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