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Culinary Corner Week of January 17-22

Hello! Welcome to the third week of 2022! I can't tell yet if this year is an improvement over the last one or not yet, but let's all keep our heads up, wear a mask and wash our hands for good luck. I want to say thank you to all of you who attended the Tequila tasting last week, it was a lot of fun and I will have pictures and a recipe or two soon. I also want to welcome Anna Weise to the team, we are looking forward to her energy and experience.

On the menu this week we have a few favorites, I'll start with Lunch and we can work from there.

First, the soup or the week is Chicken Tortilla: pulled chicken in tomato and roasted pepper base, seasoned with cumin, coriander and adobo, thickened with corn tortillas which gives it a distinctive flavor. It is gluten-free.

The cheese this week is Fresh Mozzarella. With this, we serve fresh tomatoes that are marinated in balsamic vinegar, basil, olive oil and sea salt. This is served with French bread.

For an appetizer we have Colorado Lamb Sirloin Skewers, marinated in garlic and oil, served with mint glaze. the glaze is simple-fresh mint, sugar, lemon, cooked to a syrup and served room temperature. Fresh chive blossoms will accompany this, as a hopeful gesture to spring weather around the corner.

The Burger this week is a good old-fashioned Patty Melt. Two slices of rye bread, Angus ground beef, grilled onions and Swiss cheese all cooked on the flat top griddle. It's probably not the lowest calorie thing on the menu this week but I do guarantee it will be good. We serve this with our house-made potato chips.

We have a French Dip sandwich as well, thinly sliced Prime Rib and provolone cheese on a toasted hoagie roll, served with au jus and steak fries.

Seems like a pretty beef-heavy menu this week. We also have a Grilled Ribeye Steak, topped with bleu cheese compound butter, then served with a baked potato and steamed broccoli. Please let us know your preference for temperature (as always).

We have a grilled Chicken Alfredo this week. Alfredo sauce is very rich, with cream. butter and cheese, and this is served over linguini pasta. We removed all the calories from this one in advance so feel free to have it several times this week.

For a Vegetarian special, Jesus is carving a Rosette of Butternut Squash, which is then roasted to golden brown, and served with a coulis of raspberry and maple. Steamed quinoa pilaf and baby kale round this out, don't worry if you don't like kale, the baby stuff is delicious and not bitter.

Of course at lunch we still have Steamed Lobster Tail with drawn butter, please come in and try it. I have had it several times a week (this is my job you know...), and it is absolutely perfect.

On the dinner Buffet, look for Carved Beef Strip Loin, with Red Wine sauce on Monday. On Tuesday, by popular demand, we have a Taco Station with beef, chicken and all the accompaniments. Chuy will be out there serving and entertaining, be sure to say hello. Also this week we have Lamb Chops, Bacon Wrapped Pork, Veal Meatloaf and Scallops Scampi as well.

Wishing you all health and happiness. I'm hoping the latest Covid wave is helping us move forward and that the Dining room is soon fully open. Please remember that you can attend the Culinary Corner on Monday at 10 am to get or give more detail about menus and keep an eye open for the upcoming Kitchen Tour next week.


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