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Culinary Corner Week of July 24-29

Hi Everyone!

An Anchor Steam draft on the water in Dogpatch

So I'm back from San Francisco. The city was wonderful, Dead and Company played their final three shows and the whole city was dressed in tie dye. Much thanks to David, Libby, and Susan for keeping everything running so smoothly while I sipped Anchor Steam beer in Haight-Ashbury. And again in Dogpatch and Mission Bay. Also Pier 39. The iconic brewery announced it's closure on the first day I was there, and I wasn't able to get there for a tour, but it was apparently standing room only so maybe I didn't miss much. Just yesterday the employees announced a collective bid to buy the business so maybe it's not goodbye after all.

The bees are doing fine, looks like a good honey harvest on the way. We usually harvest in mid August so we can have some honey ready for our Farmer's market. This year I am also planning to feature some house brewed vinegars and hot sauces in addition to all the regular offerings. August is shaping up to be busy, Angie is really working double time to take advantage of the nice weather so I'm looking forward to this.

The soup this week is a warm Golden beet soup with Fresh dill and Goat's cheese. Golden beets are a variety that first appeared in the early 1800's and are known for their sweetness. Beets in general were grown as a green, edible roots were not developed until the 1500's. The Goat's cheese we are using is from a cheesemaker called Laura Chenel from California and it's a really nice and mild one. If you would rather not have goat's cheese just tell your server.

The appetizer is a Grilled Tuna and Cucumber Tartar served on crispy wontons. basically we grill the tuna to rare, toss it with cucumbers, ginger, honey, lime and sesame. Very nice with Riesling.

Manchego Cheese

The Cheese this week is Manchego with Quince paste. Manchego is a sheep's milk cheese, somewhat mild in flavor aged around four months. Quince is a fruit, that used to be very common but rarely seen anymore. Closely related to apples and pears, it is highly aromatic and contains more pectin than either fruit, making it perfect for jams and pastes such as this. I think it's aroma is reminiscent of roses, but that could be just me. Libby has some good dry sherry stashed away if you ask her for it and it think it would be great with this. Don't tell her I told you about her hidden gems.

At Dinner this week, look for Cornmeal Crusted Trout. We're getting this from Frontier fisheries in Alamosa. It's served with a simple fresh herb tartar sauce, almond green beans and Jasmine rice.

We have slow cooked Beef Brisket this week, brushed with a Mustard barbecue sauce, grilled corn and molasses baked beans. The Corn is from Kansas I believe but I hear rumors that we are expecting Olathe corn by the end of the week. No promises, but as soon as it is available you will know.

We have grilled Lamb Loin Chops this week, topped with Kalamata olives, citrus and rosemary, a lemon and honey glaze, steamed asparagus and feta cheese mashed potatoes.

try this one with the Zinfandel, you won't be disappointed.

As a vegetarian option, look for Spinach and Artichoke Risotto. this creamy rice dish is very hearty and flavorful, and we top it with sautéed Cherry Tomatoes. Definitely a good one, vegetarian but of course not Dairy Free.

The Pasta this week is house made Saffron spaghetti tossed with Spanish Chorizo, Mussels, Clams, tomatoes and leeks in a rich white wine broth. This dish would be perfect with the Gavi from Italy that Libby keeps hidden away.

For nightly specials, look for Grilled Cornish Game Hens, Ribeye Steak, Grouper, Mahi Mahi, Porchetta, Shrimp Fra Diavolo, and Beef Stroganoff.

At lunch this week, look for Carved Beef Tenderloin, Parmesan Grilled Cheese, Fish Tacos, Barbecued Brisket, and Stuffed peppers.

A reminder, the Sip and Savor event is cancelled as they are doing work in the Centennial room. Next Month's tasting will be a lot of fun as we explore Colorado flavors and libations.

I hope to see you all on Monday at the Culinary Corner. 10 am in the Dad Clark Bar.

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