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Culinary Corner, Week of June 17-22.

Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June.

-Al Bernstein

Hello! Happy Father's day! Welcome to Mid-June and unpredictable weather. The tent dining is still going strong, we have had a lot of compliments lately and I think the team is doing a great job working together to make it a very nice experience. I hope you all had a chance to meet Brenda Leisure, our new Assistant Director of Dining. Brenda has been here about a week and has already immersed herself in the day to day operations, getting to know the staff and the residents. We are currently collaborating on the new dining spaces and how to staff and train for them.

On the menu this week we have several classic favorites as well as some new things to try. Of course the Carved Turkey Breast is always a favorite no matter what time of year it is. Guinness Beef Stew, Leg of Lamb, Chicken À La King, and Baked Walleye look good too. Please note that the Cobb Salad has been replaced with a classic Iceberg Wedge Salad by resident request.

On Tuesday in the Tent, we are serving an assortment of bruschetta, including tomato, salmon, tuna and beef. The term, Bruschetta was first documented in English in 1954, but the term is undoubtedly as old as olive oil. Some food writers trace the origins of bruschetta to ancient Romans who called bruschetta crustulum. An inscription found in the Sabine city of Cures documents that this was distributed to people together with honey and wine on important holidays such as Saturnalia. Others simply claim that Bruschetta dates from the Middle Ages where crusty bread was sometimes used in place of a plate. In modern culinary terms a Bruschetta simply refers to a grilled or toasted piece of bread with olive oil. Ours usually have a bit more than that.

On Thursday we are serving chilled wraps along with freshly-made house chips. As always in the tent, beer and house wine is free. Our very own Anna Ruiz has been making the also complimentary Cocktail of the Day and so if you enjoy it please let her know.

Thank you all for the feedback about my last post, we are still discussing several aspects of the new dining room and will continue to do so as we get closer to opening.

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday for the Culinary Corner meeting at 10 am in the Art room.

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