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Culinary Corner, week of March 28- April 3


I just returned from a family vacation in Seattle, thanks so much to Jesus, Sam, Bob and everyone for keeping everything running so smoothly, and specials thanks to Angie, Anna, and to Lolly-our webmaster for keeping the blog going.

Thank You to all who attended the Sip and Savor on the 15th for all the great Irish Whiskeys, I think Lora still has a stash at the bar somewhere. We are planning another in April, I am considering that it's been a while since we had any Italian wines. Barolo is a personal favorite, let's see how much we can get Bob to spend on wine.

As we move into spring, we are keeping a close eye on seasonal items like Fiddlehead Ferns, Ramps, Morels, and White Asparagus. I have been told that they are not yet available, but just a week ago they were for sale at Pike Place market in Seattle, so I think our suppliers need to be shaken up a bit. We will be writing a new always available menu to begin on April 4th, so if you have any suggestions or favorites please let me know.

The soup this week is Chicken and Wild Rice. This is a rich chicken broth with vegetables, chicken, wild rice and white rice. This is gluten-friendly.

The appetizer of the week is Baked Brie cheese wrapped in flaky pastry with a dollop of raspberry preserves, and served with sliced toasted bread. Definitely not gluten-friendly.

Image courtesy of Cambazola cheese

The cheese this week is called Cambozola from Germany. This is basically a Camembert cheese, riddled with Penicillin mold to make it bleu, like a Gorgonzola. The flavor is rich, but not strong, and the texture is soft. We are serving this with a cherry and red wine jam, and sliced French bread. Interesting fact; the maturation process eliminates the lactose in this cheese so if you are avoiding lactose, this should be a treat!

At Dinner this week we have Grilled Swordfish Steaks with Yellow Tomato Sauce. The sauce is made from yellow Beefsteak tomatoes, which, in addition to the beautiful color, are less acidic than red tomatoes. For this sauce we don't cook it as long as a traditional tomato sauce to keep the fresh garden flavors. Speaking of gardens, it is nearly time for planting. We will be planting some baby lettuces soon, which should be ready in about four to six weeks, and showing up on menus.


We have a grilled Angus Ribeye Steak this week served with red wine reduction, steamed asparagus and galette potatoes.Think of galette potatoes as au gratin potatoes without any sauce. we slice the potatoes very thin, layer them in a pan with sea salt, herbs, and a little olive oil, and we place another pan on top while cooking to keep them compressed. they make a nice accompaniment to meats and have fewer calories than au gratin.

We have Chicken Picatta at dinner too. Picatta is a chicken breast, pounded thin, dredged in rice flour and sauteed in butter, This is served with a sauce made with garlic, white wine, lemon, capers, butter, more garlic and more butter. Angel Hair pasta and Roasted tomatoes are served with this, the tomatoes are Roma tomatoes, split in half and then sprinkled with herbs and oil, and then roasted till soft.

For a Vegetarian choice we have Crepes filled with Artichokes and Olives, and topped with a creamy brandy and basil sauce. Fava beans are served on the side,if you've never had fava beans, think of Lima beans but more tender and not yucky like Lima beans.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

As a Pasta choice this week try the Spaghetti and Meatballs. Our meatballs are made with beef and pork, and our marinara sauce is house made with San Marzano tomatoes, red wine, and lots of garlic. There is even more garlic on the garlic bread served with it so make sure your table mates all try some.

As dinner specials, look for Spaghetti Squash wrapped Jumbo Shrimp with Prickly Pear sauce, Lobster tails with Miso Butter, Roast Duck and Seafood Cioppino.

At lunch we have Carved Pork Soft Tacos with Green Salsa, Jicama and Black Beans, Barbecued Brisket Sandwich, Fried Chicken, and Parmesan-Crusted Lamb Loins.

Chef Jesus has prepared an Argentinian buffet menu for Friday, and a Belgian menu for Saturday that I think will be absolutely delicious. We are starting to look ahead to full menu service for the week soon so enjoy the dinner buffets while you can!

As always, please join me for the Culinary Corner on Mondays at 10 AM, to further discuss menus, make suggestions and enjoy coffee and pastries. I look forward to seeing you there!

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