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Culinary Corner, Week of November 13-18

In the Hive Market this week, we are offering wines by the bottle. Most of these are wines leftover from Sip and Savor or special events, and we only have one or two bottles of each. We are selling all bottle wines, Sakes, and Mead at $10 each, in most cases less than what we paid for them so we can make room in storage for a new and expanded wine menu. Remember: we also have chilled wine and beer available in smaller sizes. I will be bottling more honey this week. And, there will be plenty for Christmas Stocking Stuffers as well as several house-brewed Vinegars.

We love Lobster here at Vi.

While you are in the market, try the Lobster Macaroni and Cheese, or maybe the Grilled Peach and Prosciutto Sandwich with Manchego cheese. For my own lunch, I am eying the Coq au Vin, which is chicken braised in wine with mushrooms and bacon. There will be Burrata Cheese this week as well and I know that some of you have been asking for it.

Some of you have requested different types of Ice Creams, and while we are having some trouble finding name brands from our suppliers in a retail size, we are working towards packaging our own. Give us a couple of weeks and Anna will show off her different flavors in a take-home size that can be easily enjoyed at home.

So, of course, you know that we had to cancel al la carte dining on Friday and Saturday because of staffing issues. We appreciate your patience, I have been spending more time in the dining room lately and I think that a buffet is better than regular service done poorly. We will be doing the same on Friday and Saturday of this week as well; we hope it is the last time this year. Next week is Thanksgiving, and as most of you know we put out a large traditional spread. Reservations open this week so please make sure you let us know you are coming.

On the Touchtown app, and available from the Hostess stand is a supplemental menu that lists all the common allergens for those who are interested. The cooks and servers all have the same menu as well, so we can all be on the same page. You can find it where the menus are displayed.

In the Mt. Rosa Dining room the soup of the week is Chicken Tortilla. Always a favorite, this soup is tomato and peppers based with lots of chicken, cumin, and thickened with corn tortillas. It is delicious.

Cotijas a la Plancha

The appetizer is a simple Pork Egg Roll with pineapple- sweet chili sauce, and the Cheese is sort of an appetizer as well. Cotijas a la Plancha is the cheese, and we are serving it griddled with fresh house-made tortillas. (La Plancha means Grill in Spanish so this translates roughly to Grilled Cheese), We are topping this with avocado spread and pico de gallo. I will personally be tasting this one every day next week to ensure it is up to standards (it's my job...).

Rainbow Trout

At Dinner, check out the Pistachio-Crusted Trout served over Carrot Coulis with roasted Fall Vegetables. The trout is Ruby Red--- a Rainbow trout--- but with the beautiful pink color of salmon. We have a new house Chardonnay called Silver Gate that would be nice to try alongside.

We have a Roasted Lamb Chop with Lingonberry Sauce, served with Haricots Vert and Saffron-Mashed Potatoes. Lingonberry is a Scandinavian fruit, very similar in taste to a cranberry or currant. The Lamb is from New Zealand, where it is grass-fed, leaner and smaller than domestic lamb. We suggest a Kendall Jackson Reserve Zinfandel which would pair beautifully.

The Roasted Duck Breast this week is boneless, served medium rare unless otherwise specified. We have a nice blackberry sauce, Brussels sprouts and fondant potatoes steamed, seared and tossed with butter and herbs. The Robert Mondavi Reserve Pinot Noir would be a great choice here.

For our Vegetarian option this week we have Spaghetti Squash, Spinach and Tomato tossed with Alfredo Sauce.

Finally try the Shrimp and Bowtie Pasta this week with creamy sun-dried tomato sauce and garlic bread. Definitely a time for a the Helfritch Gewürztraminer if there ever was one.

On the nightly dinner specials there are several that stand out as being on the lighter side such as the Ricotta and Fresh Herb-Stuffed Eggplant, The Shellfish Fricassé or the Mushroom Lasagna. Also try the Pan-Seared Arctic Char or the Elk Burger with Bacon.

At Lunch, Check out our Crisp Pork Belly Sandwich, the Garlic-Braised Jumbo Shrimp, the Grilled Lobster, or David's Famous Calzone. I personally would rather be rich than famous but I'm happy for David either way.

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