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Culinary Corner, week of November 27, 2023

Hello! So it definitely feels like it's almost December. we went from sunny days to bitter cold pretty quickly there didn't we? In case you are keeping track, Christmas is now a month away. Tick Tock. Don't forget to ask your server for the new Wine Menu. There are at least twenty five different wines by the glass that we have available, and we will keep adjusting it as we get feedback and find out the favorites.

So The Hive Market will be changing hours, beginning tomorrow November 27, the new hours are 10 am to 4:30 pm. We just really didn't get much traffic in the morning and it seemed like Samantha would die of boredom. We will continue monitoring traffic and if we need to adjust them again, we will. Hopefully they are finished installing the new monitor in there and we can have the menus posted all the time. The Market is getting busier every week, eventually I see this as the place where all take-home food is served, and we are working on a catering menu for those who would like to entertain in their homes.

In the Market this week, check out the Bourbon-Beef Stew. Just as it sounds this is a very rich and filling entrée-- great for cold weather, and served piping hot. We have Steamed Lobster Tail, Barbecued Brisket, and Roasted Game Hen that all sound pretty yummy. Personally I will be sampling the Grilled Sirloin with House-Made Chimichurri Sauce, maybe with an Apricot, Pecan and Strawberry salad, and an ice cream bar. By my count, there are twenty different offerings in there, and that doesn't include items like Vi Honey, House-Brewed Vinegar, or candies. The full menu will be posted on TouchTown Monday morning, I hope you like it.

Brie Cheese

In the Mt. Rosa Dining Room, the appetizer of the week is Baked Brie, wrapped in pastry and served with toasted baguette. It's hard to imagine anything more French than that. Warm, gooey and delicious is the best way I can describe it. Brie is what's known as a high-moisture, washed, rind cheese. This illustrious group of cheeses includes Camembert, Époisse, St André, as well as many other less-famous cousins including quite a few domestic varieties. The cheese is brushed with salt water before aging to foster a specific group of microorganisms to grow, changing the structure of the cheese, giving it color, flavor and, of course, aroma. I would recommend a good Pinot Noir like the Mondavi Private Selection. Ask your server for a wine list for this and other great wines.


The Cheese This week is Smoked Gouda, with lingonberries and crackers. a Lingonberry is a small red berry found in northern latitudes around the globe. Popular in Northern European cuisine, it is gaining fans in the US in recent years-personally I think that Ikea has something to do with its recent rise. The flavor is similar to a cranberry or currant, and it's a great accompaniment to meats and cheeses. Gouda is a washed curd cheese (not to be confused with washed rind), with a texture a bit softer than Cheddar, nicely-flavored and will work well with the sweet-sharp flavor of the lingonberries. I would recommend a Sauvignon Blanc or even a very dry Riesling like the Kendall Jackson Vintner's Reserve on the wine list.

At Dinner, we are serving Seared Scallops this week, with creamy Butternut Squash and Brussels Sprouts Ragout. Did you know that the scallop is found in every ocean of the world? The Atlantic Scallop, which we are serving was a symbol of religious piety in the Middle Ages of Europe. Pilgrims followed the Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago) to his shrine in Galicia, and taking a scallop shell from the beach there was proof that one had made the journey. The legend says that after James's death, his body was transported by a ship piloted by an angel, back to the Iberian Peninsula to be buried in what is now Santiago. As the ship approached land, a wedding was taking place on shore. The young groom was on horseback, and, upon seeing the ship's approach, his horse got spooked, and horse and rider plunged into the sea. Through miraculous intervention, the horse and rider emerged from the water alive, covered in seashells. You don't need this information to enjoy our scallops but it would make great conversation over a glass of Chardonnay-the Silvergate is fairly buttery and would be a good accompaniment.

Check out the Grilled Lamb Loin Chops this week They are served with Apple Chutney, Roasted Yukon Gold Potatoes, and Grilled Asparagus. This cut is basically a T-bone steak, so if you are having trouble getting into all the nooks and crannies go ahead and pick it up. It's ok, you have permission from the Executive Chef- just maybe raise your pinky while doing it so we can still be fancy. The lamb is domestic, so expect a milder flavor than the New Zealand lamb we sometimes serve, although it will not be as lean. If you haven't tried the Red Zinfandel on the new wine menu this is a perfect opportunity.

We have Pan-Seared Airline Chicken Breast this week, served with a Sherry and Mustard sauce, Sugar Snap Peas and Potato Hash. Airline chicken breast is just a boneless breast with the skin and wing still attached. Think of it as a bonus chicken wing, to be eaten or not depending on your preference.

For our vegetarians, we have a Warm Artichoke and Garbanzo bowl with red cabbage, yellow tomato sauce, and topped with mozzarella cheese. Go for a Benvolio Pinot Grigio here.

The Shrimp Putanesca is our pasta this week, and as a bit of a change we are serving it over Red Pepper Raviolis from our friends at Pappardelle's Pasta in Denver. If you look too closely into the name, Putanesca can seem scandalous but really, aren't we all adults here? I hope everyone can behave in the dining room. Garlic bread is free for those who promise not to giggle.

At lunch, Check out the Salmon En Croute with Nori, the Chicken and Ham Roulade, the Chicken Quesadilla, and of course Prime Rib on Friday.

On Tuesday, come to the Sip and Savor event, we are tasting the Nouveau Beaujolais -just released two weeks ago, and comparing it with a Village Gamay a Burgundy, and finally a domestic Pinot Noir. I'm thinking this is a great time to serve my favorite Cassoulet and I'm really looking forward to it.

I hope to see you all at the Culinary Corner tomorrow, we have been having some lively discussions and if you aren't there you'll miss out on a lot of great information and conversation with your neighbors. See you then!

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