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Culinary Corner week of October 10-15

Hello! I hope you are all having a great Sunday. Want to remind you that the Resident Satisfaction Survey is this week, and there are lots of events and reasons to join us. On Tuesday in particular I hope you are there for Pancake Breakfast with Yo. It has been a few years, so he might be a bit rusty. Jesus and I will be there with lots of the Cabinet, pouring coffee and Mimosas.

The Soup of the week is Vegetable Beef. This is a good, hearty, broth-based soup, with lots of beef-- and of course vegetables. This one is gluten-friendly.

The appetizer of the week is a Lemon and Basil Beef Tenderloin Skewer with romesco sauce. When we cut Filet Mignon steaks, there are a lot of end cuts, and mis-cuts that are perfectly delicious but that wouldn't make a great filet. We hate to waste, so this is an appetizer you see a lot here. We are also starting to think about how to use as much of our garden-fresh herbs as we can before the first freeze of October so there is a lot of fresh basil in this one. We serve it with a romesco sauce. There are some variations on this Spanish sauce, but ours has tomato, saffron, almonds, and peppers simmered and then blended. not too spicy, a great accompaniment to the mild beef.

The Cheese this week is Asiago, an Italian cheese, firmer than Cheddar but softer than Parmesan with a sharp flavor and nutty aroma. We are offeriing this with some Elevation Sausage from right here in Colorado and (of course) crackers.

At Dinner Look for Tilapia Provençal. Tilapia is a mildly-flavored, firm-fleshed fish, perfect for people who don't normally eat fish. the Provençal sauce has fresh tomatoes, fresh herbs, lots of garlic and white wine. We serve this with Pearl Onions Au Gratin, and Buttered Peas. Ask Lora if she has any of that really nice Spanish Albarino, it would be really great with this.

We have Herb-Crusted Lamb Chops with Apricot Chutney, Asparagus and Roasted Potatoes. Basically, we take a rack of New Zealand Lamb, roll it in Dijon Mustard, and then again in chopped fresh herbs. this is roasted, and then allowed to rest before slicing into chops. I recommend it medium or less, the New Zealand Lamb is grass-fed and leaner than domestic. Try a nice Pinot Noir with this one, or if Lora has any Rioja that would be even better.

Carved Turkey Breast with Gravy is on the menu this week. I'm actually really glad we put this on the menu because otherwise I would never have realized that there is a turkey shortage. Yes, that's right, a turkey shortage is happening a month before Thanksgiving. I don't know why but all the suppliers are talking about it and we had to call four suppliers before we found this. Jesus was able to get our Thanksgiving turkeys pre-ordered, but man that was a close one. I would hate to be the chef who ran out of Turkey on Thanksgiving... anyway this is served with Sweet Potato Casserole, and (small green beans still crisp).

For a Vegetarian Option, we have Sweet and Sour Roasted Tofu with Quinoa Pilaf served over Acorn Squash. The sweetness is from pineapple, the sour is lime and there are warm spices and herbs folded in to complement the rich buttery flavor of the squash.

A completely unsexy shrimp.

We have Shrimp Puttanesca this week. Now I know what you're thinking... "oh sure, he's going to make a bunch of off- color comments about the name Putanesca (prostitute style), rather than a serious culinary discussion. Typical." Well you would be wrong. I'm going to take the high road here, and won't discuss the beautiful ladies of the Spanish Quarter of Naples, and I definitely won't be spreading thinly-veiled comments about how many clients they had or how the intoxicating aroma of garlic, anchovies and peppers was a lure to their neighborhood like the sirens of the ancient world. No. Our Puttanesca sauce has tomatoes, olives, anchovies, fresh herbs, LOTS of garlic, wine and pepper. The shrimp is sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, then tossed with the tantalizing thick sauce before being lovingly spooned over tender luscious spaghetti, and voluptuously buttered garlic bread... the steam rising from the bowl like a prayer to heaven, the scent of the garlic like the hand of Dante imploring the unwary. It would be delicious with a nice Pinot Grigio.

For Dinner specials this week try the Crab Cakes, Butter-Poached Lobster Tail, Pork Chops, Raviolis, Macaroni and Cheese with Lobster, and Beef Wellington.

At lunch we have Cornmeal-Crusted Salmon, Carved Pork Tenderloin, Build-your-own Pizza, Build-your-own-Sandwich, Seafood Newburg, Fried Chicken, and Barbecued Ribs. If you haven't been to lunch in a while, come and join us. Lisa and Anna work most days and they are so good at what they do.

As always please join me for the Culinary Corner on Monday at 10 am in the Dad Clark Bar. we discuss the menu in greater detail, eat pastries, drink coffee and have a great conversation about food.

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