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Let's Celebrate World Physical Therapy Day: Sept. 8, 2022

Martin and Nate

Did you know that Vi has an in-house therapy team from Select Rehab?

September 9th is World Physical Therapy Day, an opportunity to celebrate our physical therapy professionals.

Martin Niedzwiecki, at left, has worked with Vi Highlands Ranch residents for 9 years and uses his skill and expertise to help them stay strong and healthy at the Lodge.

Nate Kingsbury, at right, worked here previously and left to continue his career in senior living. However, he missed Vi and the residents and couldn't get back here fast enough!

Physical Therapy's (A.K.A. Physiotherapy) goals are dependent on the desired outcome of the participant's specific needs, but often address pain relief, range of motion, endurance, strength, independence, stress reduction and higher quality of life. This team is expert in addressing these needs specific to aging adults. Consider working with Martin and Nate to work on common issues/areas of focus like:

  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

  • Balance and Fall Prevention

  • Care Management for various conditions (Neuro, Ortho etc.)

  • Pain Management

  • Restorative Care

  • Seating and Positioning

If you see Martin or Nate around, usually in the exercise room, please thank them for all they do to help us with Living Well-- and wish them a Happy World Physical Therapy Day!

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