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Living Well: Try Something New

As part of Living Well's continued dedication to providing new and exciting opportunities for you, I’d like to encourage you to check out the refreshed fitness center!

Our fitness center is now equipped with HUR weight machines. HUR equipment offers personalization of automated adjustments and exercise programs.

Also: you asked for it, and now we have many options for cardio! We now offer Cyber Cycle recumbent bikes in addition to two treadmills with individual TV screens, two NuStep recumbent bikes, and an elliptical machine.

Cyber Cycle not only offers a great cardiovascular workout, but has been

proven to reduce progression in mild cognitive impairment compared to traditional exercisers! This is due to it’s cutting-edge programs that encourage neuroplasticity so you can exercise your body and mind at the same time.

Try something new-- whether it is checking out our newest cutting-edge exercise equipment, or connecting with Joel Fischer, our Fitness Coordinator and scheduling time for orientation, registration, or personalized programs.

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