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Spotlight on Kitchen Team Members: Jesus Martinez, Executive Sous Chef

Today, we are celebrating Jesus Martinez, our Executive Sous Chef. This week Jesus (AKA Chuy), reaches ten years with Vi at Highlands Ranch. Most of you know Jesus, he is always here and constantly in motion. When I first interviewed him, I asked him why he wanted to be a prep cook when his most recent job was in management. He told me "I want you to see what I can do". I was sold (although I have to admit the New York Yankees hat he was wearing made me pause). We hired him to help in the care center. Within a month Jesus was promoted to line cook. Over a year later he was promoted to Lead Line Cook, then Sous Chef, and last summer, he was promoted to Executive Sous Chef.

“When I started working, I observed the prep line, and I was like ‘Hey, this is something that I want to put my hands on.’ That’s how everything started,” said Chef Jesus.

Chef Jesus has many responsibilities in his position, such as prepping menu items, food production and ordering but he enjoys coming up with recipes for the residents the most.

“I love working with the residents. I enjoy that they like what I do. Everything that I make, they really love it and that’s something that means a lot to me. I do ice carvings for them; I do fruit carvings. I just like to put on a show and be fun with them,” said Chef Jesus.

As Executive Sous Chef, Jesus runs the day to day aspects of the kitchen. Our kitchen is remarkably stable and things usually run very smoothly, and I give full credit to Jesus for this.

Chuy is married and a father to two girls, originally from Mexico. He moved to Colorado in 1994 and eventually he had heard about a job opening with Vi from his wife Brittany who some of you might remember as a server here.

I can say I am personally inspired by Jesus, in over thirty years in kitchens all over the country, I think he is the fastest chef I have ever worked with. That's how the kitchen keeps up with all the demands of 365 days of service, they all just try to keep up with Jesus. I love how he is always learning and pushing himself to be stronger, faster.

Jesus is frequently in the dining room during service. He loves answering questions from residents and is always open to suggestions on how to improve. If you see Jesus, please say hello, and congratulate him on his accomplishments and his anniversary at Vi.

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May 20, 2022

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