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Tent dining

"God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers."

- Rudyard Kipling

Hello! Happy Mother's day! I hope everyone is warm and dry. I usually write a Culinary Corner post to be published on Sunday morning but things are very different right now. First of all, as most of you have commented on, we are not in our Dining room or even indoors at all but in a beautiful tent. Our menu is necessarily more simple and certain things are not on offer that I love to talk about like cheese plates and wine lists. The biggest change however is that I am no longer the Chef. While I do have insights into the food and am happy to share them, the menu was designed by Chef David and it feels strange to discuss why he chose this ingredient or that sauce when I did not write the menu. This post will be somewhat about the food and a lot about what is going on in our Food and Beverage Department as things have changed a lot in the past week and will continue to change as we adapt to the conditions we are in.

First of all, we are all very disappointed about the cancelled Dinner and especially Mother's Day. On Thursday morning I woke up to the National Weather Service issuing a Hazardous Weather Outlook for the Front range including Northern Douglas county beginning that night. Snow Showers in the Foothills, Thunderstorms Friday and Saturday extending into Sunday. We had to make a call and we did Friday morning so that people could prepare for what was coming. It looks like most of the severe weather will slide south of us but that won't stop the rain. No one is very happy about this but we are trying to make the best of it.

We have decided to move Mothers day to Monday...

We have taken the menu that was to run on Sunday morning and shifted it to Monday night to try to make it a party anyway. One can only hope for good weather, if you don't have a reservation please call and make one (720 348 7808), or these items will also be available in The Hive and as Brown Bag (720 348 7824). If this is cancelled again I am sorry.

Since we have shifted to pretty much free wine in the tent, I have a lot of really nice wine just sitting around that I will put up for sale in The Hive. It's mostly red wines, including a very nice Burgundy, an Etna Rossa, several Malbecs, a Syrah or two, Chianti and various others. the price per bottle is $12-the same as a regular bottle, and while there is plenty of wine your particular favorite might be limited so don't wait too long.

The Hive Market has been running pretty well as far as I can tell. This is probably the biggest thing I was worried about but my fears of a hundred people all crowding in there at once really hasn't happened. Now that we are more stable, I expect to see a little more variety in there as the Chef flexes his creativity. Just as a reminder, the most popular way to use the Hive Market is to use Meal Credits. You can add anything you want up to a limit of $24 to equal a meal credit. There is no need to go that far if you don't want, some residents just get some fruit for breakfast and an oatmeal, others stock up on just entrees for the freezer-it's really up to you with a few exceptions like wine, honey and candy bars.

Many people are opting for the more familiar "Brown bag" takeout. It's arguably more convenient but has fewer choices. Just remember that orders need to be called in by noon and picked up at 2. Pickup is on a shelf just at the old entrance to the Dining room. Please remember to pick up your bag on time as we have quite a few that are left for quite a while.

Thank you so much to all who sent congratulations and other support for last week's Tent dining. It took cooperation from many different departments, particularly the Maintenance department who got the tent all set, organized the permits, got us tables, and helped get the chairs all set up.

Our very own Victor Reyes was promoted to Dining Supervisor so please congratulate him when you see him! Victor has worked tirelessly to help et up our new dining service in addition to his regular duties and his promotion is very well deserved.

So what's going on next?

Well, the Care Center has a new Servery that we are getting used to and we are addressing some staffing concerns there. We are still planning out the new Dining spaces that will open in late summer, including plates, glasses, silverware, menus etc. We are planning the new computer system that will include reservations as well as the restaurants and Market.

This week, Chef is offering Grilled Lobster Tail, Bacon Pork Tenderloin, Carved Bison flatiron, Pork Osso Bucco, Beef ribeye, beer can chicken and a lot more. I will be in the Art Studio Monday morning at 10 am if you would like to discuss the menu or anything else, hope to see you there.

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