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Today is "Don't Fry Day"

The National Council on Skin Cancer Protection designates the Friday before Memorial Day as "Don't Fry" Day, to spread awareness about Sun Safety and the importance of Sun Protection.

The EPA suggests becoming "SUN WISE". Here are 5 of the quick steps they recommend to ensure you and your loved ones are protected from the sun overexposure while you are enjoying summer:

  1. Do not burn. Sunburns significantly increase the lifetime risk of developing skin cancer.

  2. Generously Apply Sunscreen. Use an SPF of 30 (or greater) and generously reapply every two hours (even on cloudy days) and also after exercise/swim/perspiring.

  3. Wear Protective Clothing. Don't forget sunglasses!

  4. Seek Shade. The sun's strongest rays are radiating between 10AM and 4PM.

  5. Check the UV index to avoid overexposure. Source the app store on your smartphone, download an app or widget (many are free) and monitor it daily. Or, check out your local newscast or a weather website to keep track.)

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