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Week of December 6 2021

Hello! Here is a brief description of the menu offerings for the week. As most of you know, both Heather Holt and Flo Spelt have moved on to other opportunities. While we will miss them both, we welcome the arrival of our new Director of Dining; Bob Burton, due to join us on Thursday or Friday of this week. Bob will have a full plate when he gets here, and he and I will be working together to return the dining program to pre-Covid levels of service and offerings as well as collaborating on new and exciting ideas.

One of the difficulties we are encountering in the meantime is proper editing and proofreading of the menus. I thank you for your patience and understanding of some of the errors, they are entirely my mistakes, hopefully that will come to an end soon. the takeout dinner and Lunch menu had a couple of errors this week and so I hope that no one is too disappointed.

The soup this week is Golden Beet and Ginger. Golden beets are -just as they sound, beets that are bright yellow instead of red. The flavor is very similar to red beets , but the golden color with the bright tang of fresh ginger and oranges makes a refreshing but hearty soup, and since it is literally a bowl of pureed vegetables you can have as much dessert as you want if you have a bowl.

This Cooling rack right outside my office is the biggest reason I can't lose weight...

The Appetizer of the week is simply called Thai Chicken Wontons. Think of a chicken salad with peanuts, lime, and ginger served alongside crispy wontons that you can eat as a Bruschetta or simply as a salad. I'm having one as I write this, and I can recommend it.

The cheese this week comes from Beehive Cheese in northern Utah. it is called "queen bee Porcini" but we just called it Porcini Cheddar to make it simpler. Think of a medium charp cheddar rubbed with ground porcini mushrooms, giving it an earthy Umami flavor. we air it with dried plums and crackers, I would recommend a nice Pinot Noir with this one, or even a full flavored Ale like 90 Shilling if you partake.

At Lunch, the weekly Salmon is Grilled Atlantic Salmon topped with a sauce of Lemon, Capers, white wine and Butter. The Taco is a simple seasoned Ground beef, but we are serving it on freshly made tortillas with fresh Pico de Gallo, and Guacamole. For a Burger this week, we have 100% Angus beef Sliders. These are simply smaller burgers, about 2 oz each grilled and topped with sharp cheddar and bacon.

The vegetarian option this week is a house made white lasagna with spinach, artichokes, ricotta and mozzarella. It is served with a Brandy Cream, and has no tomatoes.

Speaking of pasta, we are offering Fettuccini Alfredo with Grilled Zucchini, Squash, and Eggplant with grilled chicken. This could be made vegetarian with the omission of chicken.

On the Buffet this week, look for favorites such as Lamb Osso Bucco, Swedish Meatballs, Barbecued Ribs and Grilled Lobster Tail. Please remember that if something is not right, we ask that you bring it to our attention and let us try to fix it.

As always, I invite everyone to come to the Culinary Corner at 10 am on Mondays in the Dad Clark Bar, where we go over the menu in greater detail. No reservation is needed, just come as you are. I welcome feedback and suggestions, and it's a great place to socialize with your neighbors over coffee and pastries while finding out more about what we do in the kitchen.

Next week, look for pictures and descriptions of our Sip and Savor Event taking place on Wednesday, and more menu descriptions.

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