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Welcome to the Buzz!

Hi Folks! Hey, I wanted to reach out to let you know about a new feature on our website called the Buzz. This is a place where you can reach out and communicate as members, either to ask a question, start a conversation, make a suggestion or answer other resident's questions. I am hoping that this tool will be useful for resident communication not only with the Culinary and Activities team, but with other residents to share experiences. I would really like to see the "Welcome" category of the forum become a place where new residents can have questions answered and learn from all of you the best way to make the most of their Vi Living experience.

The Forum tab can be found at the top of the Home screen, if you want to access it you should make sure you are logged in, there is a Log In tab at the top of the page, and if you want to hear when someone asks a question in the forum just click "Follow" at the top of the forum screen that you want to hear about. I look forward to hearing from all of you!

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